Some sink accessories to check out are built-in dish racks or cutting board areas. There really are so many accessories you can get for your sink, from the popular pull-out spray nozzles, to built-in soap dispensers. The Certified Remodeling Consultant will help you choose what you want, and our showrooms are an excellent place to glean ideas from.

Besides deciding which sink to install, you'll also want to consider where in your kitchen you'd like to place it. You don't need to limit yourself to the same area the old sink was in. Depending on the plumbing in your home and your renovation budget, you may consider moving the sink to the kitchen island. Where you install your dishwasher is also a factor to consider.

Not sure where you want your sink? Our Certified Remodeling Consultant and our design team can help layout your options, so you can make your choice with confidence.
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