To get the closet of your dreams, you'll need to spend time on planning and designing, as well as dealing with crew, materials, and contractors. There are several companies that specialize in closet design and renovations. But if you want to hire a company that will take much of the hassle and worry out of your remodeling adventure, you'll want to hire Ephesus Remodeling.

Ephesus offers full-service closet and storage remodeling services. We're different from the competition. Many closet remodeling firms will not take care of replacing or remodeling the closet doors or closet flooring. That will leave you needing to find a separate contractor to hire (and pay). Ephesus, however, offers complete service, and will handle your door and flooring needs.

Closet remodeling isn't simple, but Ephesus will take that stress away from you, so you can sit back, Create Your Dream, and enjoy.


1. First, one of our remodeling consultants will measure your closet.
2. Then, she'll conduct a detailed interview, to figure out what your needs and storage challenges are, in addition to refining the vision or style you're looking for.
3. Next, a Ephesus designer will help you create and layout plans for your new closet.
4. After the design is complete, you'll select the materials, including the door and flooring options. You'll be choosing colors and finishes at this point, too.
5. Ephesus's Purchasing Department will place the order for the materials.
6. Then, the materials will arrive at your home.
7. Finally, the Ephesus construction crew will complete the installation, which will be supervised from start to finish by your assigned Ephesus Project Manager.


When choosing shelving for your closet, consider what you intend to keep and organize there. You probably want stationary shelving for heavy items, like kitchen appliances. A roll-out shelf can make finding what you need easier. Also, consider the material you want for your shelves - wood, metal, or glass. Ephesus carries a wide variety of shelving options.


No more searching through a pile of undergarments to find the socks you want. Drawer dividers help you organize small items, so you can keep your closet organized and save time. In the kitchen, you can install drawer dividers to keep your cutlery in order, or you can use spice drawers for organizing your baking products.


Pull out baskets installed beneath the sink can help keep your towels, sponges, and cleaning supplies well organized. A wire basket can also be used to store fruit or veggies. In the bedroom, wire baskets can increase air flow, reducing that sat-in-the-drawer smell clothing gets between seasons.

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