Plus, the backsplash area is a low stress, low risk part of the kitchen remodeling. This area is relatively inexpensive, and doesn't require appliances or cabinetry to be removed for the installation. So you can relax and take your time while considering the options.


You can create your backsplash with almost anything. It's important that the backsplash area be easy to clean and not something that could get ruined from spills or splatters. While painting or wallpapering your backsplash is an option, we don't recommend it, because of how easily these surfaces stain and wear down with repeated cleanings.


Tile is by far the most popular choice for the backsplash. Tiles come in a number of colors, tones, and textures, and are available in a wide variety of materials. You could use tile that is similar to your floor tiling, or go with something totally different. Glass and metal tiles can be used as borders or accents, or scattered throughout stone or other tiling to create patterns.

You don't need to cover the entire backsplash with tiles, by the way. You could just cover two-third with tiles, and leave the other third simple, painted wall space. Another option is to extend the countertop material up a few inches, and then use tiles or something else for the remaining backsplash area.


An increasingly popular choice, a glass and stone tiled mosaic is absolutely beautiful. The backsplash area makes a fine place for this kind of designing. Another choice to consider is using a sheet of glass or stainless steel for the backsplash, for a clean, modern feel.


Backsplash installation is the last part of a kitchen renovation timeline, so you don't need to feel rushed in making any choices now. Take time with the design and have fun!
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