A place to relax in a mountain of bubbles or wash your wriggling kids, the bathtub you choose should be attractive, comfortable to use, and, perhaps, include features for pampering time. Bathtubs are made from one of three basic materials: cast iron, porcelain, or acrylic. Cast iron is the most expensive, though it's very strong. Porcelain is durable, but less expensive than cast iron and not as heavy. And acrylic tubs, a popular choice, are relatively inexpensive and are made from a lightweight material.

If you want to create a spa feeling for your new bathroom, consider a whirlpool jet tub. Many city bathrooms, unfortunately, aren't large enough to install this luxury item, but if you're considering it, the Certified Remodeling Consultant will take measurements and let you know if you'd be able to splurge on this extra, special treat.

You don't have to replace the entire tub to give the bathroom an updated look. Re-glazing the tub renews the surface, and can even be used to change the coloring of the bath.
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