This sink sits on top of a decorative pedestal, contributing to the design of your bathroom. The only downfall is you give up the possibility of installing a vanity for storage below. While most pedestal sinks are made of china, cast iron, or earthenware that's been coated with a ceramic glaze, you can now get them in stainless steel or glass.


With a wall mounted sink, the area beneath remains open, which can create a feeling of spaciousness, or a spot to keep a child's stool or tub of bath toys. In this style, the plumbing is usually exposed, but you have the option to install attractive, finished pipes. One thing to keep in mind is not every bathroom can accommodate a wall mounted sick, for technical reasons, something our remodeling consultant will discuss with you to make sure this option is possible for your home.


Vanities featuring a drop in sink are a popular style, since they provide a place for storage and also hide the plumbing. One style to consider is the "b" countertop style, which includes a countertop that extends along the wall to the toilet, narrowing like a banjo.


The latest trend, vessel sinks are bowl shaped and mounted on top of countertop or cabinet. They come in a number of materials, with see-through glass and natural stone being popular options. Unfortunately, vessel sinks aren't really practical for everyday use, since their unusual shape and size make washing and tooth brushing inconvenient. You may want to use a vessel sink in your guest bathroom.
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