With such a wide variety of tiles to choose from, not to mention the unlimited variations of patterns available, you can really showoff your creativity. And Ephesus carries tiling in a number of styles and materials, in all different colors, sizes, and shapes. We carry just about ever tile material you can think of, from the more standard choices of porcelain, ceramic, glass, metal, and natural stone, to the more exotic choices, like leather, wood clay, resin, mother of pearl, fossils, and concrete.

Our tiling sources aren't limited to North American dealers, either. We also get tiles from the Far East, South America, the Middle East, and Europe, especially Ephesus region from Turkey. Whether you're interested in a traditional or classic look, something more modern, or a creation uniquely your own, Ephesus can accommodate you.


Ceramic tiles are by far the most commonly used material for bathrooms. This glazed, ceramic based tile cleans easily, is nonporous, and is available in many colors, sizes, and shapes. A popular style you may want to consider is the subway tile, which is created with 3” x 6” or 4” x 8” pieces, laid out in a brick pattern. One disadvantage of ceramic tiling is if it chips or cracks, you'll be able to see the flaw from a distance, since the base and glaze colors are different.


Since the texture varies from piece to piece, porcelain tiles are often chosen because they look like stone tiling. Porcelain tiles are consistent in color and material throughout, so if the tile chips, you won't see it as easily as you do with ceramic tiling. Durable and visually appealing, porcelain tiling is available at a great price, making it a popular choice.


You can design a truly unique look with glass tiles. Installation can be tricky, but it's well worth the extra effort. Once considered to be out of the budget range of many people, glass tiling is now more affordable. Some people use glass tiling for borders or mosaics. Also, because of the way light reflects off each tile, which in turn highlights others, glass tiles create an absolutely beautiful look.


The most popular choice for stone tiling, Jerusalem stone comes in a variety of beige, gray, and cream tones. Sometimes people mix and match Jerusalem stone with metal or glass tiles to create borders, mosaics, or beautiful accents. Even though Jerusalem stone is porous and rather expensive, people choose it for its warm, aesthetic look.


With varying textures and tones within each piece, marble tiles are available in large range of colorings. While beautiful, marble requires polishing every few years, not something busy people are always interested in dealing with. A couple other disadvantages you'll want to keep in mind -- marble can stain and is porous. Still, if you want to give your bathroom an upscale, classic look, marble tiling may be the right fit for you.


Metal tiles are often paired with other tiling materials, like stone or glass, and used for borders or mosaics. The latest trend in bathroom tiling, metal tiles are expensive, making it a choice usually saved for accents
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