There are so many options to consider when deciding to renovate your floors. Depending on your budget, you may choose to simply repair your current floors, or you might decide to completely remove the old flooring to make way for a brand new look. Our Remodeling Consultants can help you decide which flooring options would fit your tastes and budget best. Ephesus carries a wide selection of flooring materials, and our installation crews are trustworthy, experienced professionals.



An option you may not have considered is installing natural stone floors. Natural stone gives a feeling of space to a room, as well as an earthy tone. It''s especially popular in spa-styled bathrooms. Stone flooring can be used in combination with floor heating technology, providing a soul-comforting experience.


Lending a classical, warm feeling to your home, wood is a beautiful option to consider for your living or dining room, as well as your bedrooms. You can install wood flooring in kitchens or bathrooms, but be aware that water spills may warp or otherwise damage the surface overtime. When considering wood floors, you''ll be choosing not only the plank size, wood species and wood stain, but also whether you want solid or engineered wood flooring.


Tile is an excellent choice for wet areas in the home, like the bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen. Entry ways are another area where people like to install tiling, to provide a carpet-free spot for wet shoes or coats. But you''re not limited to these areas. Tiling comes in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and designs -- making tiled flooring for your living or dining room a stylish option as well.
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