Plywood sub floors are the most popular option, though you can also use special padding to soundproof and insulate floors. Whatever alternative sub flooring materials you decide on, we still recommend using them together with a basic plywood base.

Plywood comes in a variety of grades, and the remodeling consultant will help you select one that fits your budget and needs best.

Installation of sub flooring is tricky. Faulty installation can create floors that creak when you take a step, as well as flooring that droops or bounces. If the sub flooring should ever suffer from water damage, it's essential that the flooring be removed so that the sub flooring can be replaced. Ephesus's floor installation professionals are highly experienced in correcting problems with damaged or previously installed faulty sub flooring. Most importantly, they know how to install your new sub flooring properly, lessening the chance of future problems.
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