Traditional bathroom painting used to feature plain white walls, white ceramic wall tiles, white ceramic floor tiles for with very few highlights. But today bathroom painting offers many more exciting colors, each matched by high quality, easy-to-maintain paints and a vast choice of wall, corner and floor tiles. With the help of an experienced bathroom design specialist from Ephesus, bathroom paint no longer needs to be boring. With a little effort your bathroom can have a beautiful distinctive appearance and this can be accomplished at a reasonable cost.


The skilled New York interior design team from Ephesus can help you plan to decorate and paint your bathroom. They will help you select wall paint and ceiling paint that matches perfectly with the bathroom tiles that you choose. They can also help you select the best fixtures, vanities and lighting to complete your bathroom design.

To make sure that you get the bathroom paint job you want, it is important to plan your bathroom painting project carefully. An experienced bathroom design specialist from Ephesus can help you choose from the thousands of paint choices to find the one that you like best. Your specialist will ask you questions about your preferences for bathroom paint, showers, shower doors, glass shower doors, bathroom lighting and will make suggestions so that not only the paint but the entire bathroom will have the designer's touch.

Bathroom paint ideas are not just for walls, ceilings and tiles but also for borders and doors. Every possible detail is considered to make sure that your bathroom painting project is complete.


To make sure the paint you selected for your bathroom is displayed at its best, it may be necessary to adjust the lighting in the bathroom. Many times bathrooms are poorly lit and as a result the paint on the bathroom walls, ceilings and floor is subdued. Your Ephesus bathroom advisor can advise you on lighting and design details.


Ephesus offers you a range of painting services for your bathroom and every other room in your home. Our designers can help you in the design, planning, painting and decorating phases of your project.
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