Most people think of kitchen painting as a finishing touch, but to create the kitchen of your dreams it is important that kitchen painting be part of your design plan. Today, many exciting color choices, for walls, cabinets, ceilings and borders are available to the homeowner. With the help of an experienced kitchen design specialist from Ephesus, kitchen paint can provide an exciting addition to your kitchen design. With a little effort your kitchen can have a beautiful distinctive painted appearance at a reasonable cost.


The biggest expense for most kitchen design projects can be the kitchen cabinet you choose. It is important that, whether the kitchen cabinets are painted or finished in natural wood, the colors match the painting on the walls and ceilings as well as the colors on the flooring and tiles.

Kitchen cabinets are available in a wide choice of painted and finished wood and laminates. Handsome kitchen cabinet designs are available in quality stock cabinets or custom-built cabinets. Preferences for cabinet styles vary over time. A few years ago painted or white Formica was popular, today's tastes tend toward natural wood cabinets. Whatever your personal preferences, an experienced full service kitchen design specialist like Ephesus'is able to offer you a full range of kitchen cabinet choices from a wide range of manufacturers.


The skilled New York interior design team from Ephesus can help you plan to decorate and paint your kitchen. Your Ephesus design specialist can show you a wide range of countertop choices in a range of materials from stone to composition to laminate. They will help you select wall paint and ceiling paint that matches perfectly with the kitchen flooring or tiles that you choose. They can also help you select the best appliances, kitchen countertops and kitchen lighting to complete your kitchen design.

To make sure that you get the kitchen paint job you want, it is important to plan your kitchen painting project carefully. An experienced kitchen design specialist from Ephesus can help you choose from the thousands of paint choices to find the one that you like best. Your specialist will ask you question about your preferences for kitchen paint, countertops, doors, appliances, storage systems, kitchen lighting and will make suggestions so that not only the paint but the entire kitchen will display the designer's professional touch.

Kitchen paint ideas are not just for walls, ceilings and tiles but also for borders and doors. Every possible detail is considered to make sure that your kitchen painting project is complete.


To make sure the paint you selected for your kitchen is displayed at its best, it may be necessary to enhance or modify the lighting in the kitchen. Many times kitchens are poorly lit and as a result the paint on the kitchen walls, ceilings and floor can appear subdued. Your Ephesus kitchen advisor can advise you on painting, lighting and design details.

Ephesus offers you a range of painting services for your kitchen and the rest of your home, including bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms. Our designers can help you in the design, planning, painting and decorating phases of your project.
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