Besides the wide variety of colors to choose, there are also many different materials used for tiling. Here are some of the more common options:


Very common in bathrooms, ceramic tiles can also work in your kitchen. This glazed, ceramic based tile cleans easily, is nonporous, and is available in many colors and styles. One downfall to ceramic tiling is if it chips or cracks, you'll be able to tell from a distance, since the base is a different color than the glaze.

A popular style you may want to consider is the subway tile. This is created with 3” x 6” or 4” x 8” tiles, laid out in a brick pattern.


Porcelain tiles are known for their imitation of real stone, since they vary slightly from tile to tile. Porcelain tiles are consistent in color and material throughout. So, if porcelain tile chips, you won't see it as easily as you do with ceramic tiling. Durable and visually appealing, porcelain tiling is available at a great price, making it a popular choice.


You can design a truly unique bathroom with glass tiles. Some people use glass tiling for borders or mosaics. Also, because light reflects off each tile, which in turn highlights others, glass tiles create an absolutely beautiful look. Installation can be tricky, but it's well worth the extra effort. Once considered to be out of the budget range of many people, glass tiling is now more affordable.


Wooden countertops give your kitchen a warm, natural look. Usually made from birch or maple, it's also available in walnut, mahogany, and ebony. Butcher Block Maple is the most popular. Wooden countertops do require regular upkeep, are porous, and are sensitive to heat and moisture. You may choose to use Butcher Block in only one area of your kitchen, and use a more durable, less sensitive material for the rest of your counters.


Marble offers a classical look to a modern kitchen. With varying texture and tones, marble is available in large range of colorings. While beautiful, marble requires polishing every few years, not something busy people are always interested in dealing with. A couple other disadvantages you'll want to keep in mind -- marble can stain and is porous.


Metal tiling is the newest trend in remodeling. Metal is often paired with other tiling options, like stone or glass, and used for borders or mosaics. Metal tiling is expensive, as well, making it a choice usually saved for accents.
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